Is the comedy suitable for all ages?

We do not censor the comedians in any way, shape or form; they have free license to perform the material they feel comfortable doing.  Their thoughts, opinions and jokes in no way represent the thoughts, opinions or feelings of Crickets Comedy Club or any affiliated or partnered businesses.  We have had people bring small children - even a baby once; it is up to each person to decide what they feel comfortable with.  Our comedians are professionals and would not be deterred by performing in a room of people of any age.

Is there food and drink available?

THUNDER BAY - Crickets Comedy Club in Thunder Bay has a full service bar, but does not have a kitchen - so for sale food items consist of snack foods and the selection is minimal.  To supplement this, the club in Thunder Bay encourages patrons looking for food to order or bring their own into the club to enjoy during the performance.  Outside drinks are not permitted.

WINNIPEG - Crickets Comedy Club in Winnipeg has a full service bar and a full menu with items that everyone is likely to enjoy; as a result, outside food and drink is not permitted at Crickets Comedy Club Winnipeg.

Can we book a birthday or other party at Crickets?

Absolutely!  Crickets loves parties and we have a wide array of options available to your group, including semi-private and fully private shows.  We have a roster of comedians available to book for off-site parties and can host your party at our clubs as well.  We also have a wide array of catering options available, contact us with information about the party (date, time, preferred location, food/drink requests) and we can prepare a quote for your party!

Do you have a loyalty program?

We are in the introductory stages of developing our loyalty program; in the interim we do have punch cards available that will allow you to get a FREE SHOW when you attend 10 shows.  Those punch cards are available at our Thunder Bay and Winnipeg locations and are valid to be stamped and/or redeemed at either location!

How can I buy tickets?

 Tickets are available for purchase online through our website, on our Facebook pages and through the ticket booking site Eventbrite.  Some other hard copy ticketing locations may be available depending on the location of the club.  To minimize the amount of extra work involved in handling multiple sales locations we will likely be phasing out and/or removing certain retail locations from selling tickets - an announcement will go out when further information is available. 

Why do online tickets cost more?

To be clear, online tickets purchased in advance of the show are the cheapest tickets available unless you attend a retail sales location prior to showtime - due to the extra work involved in selling at other locations, we will be phasing those tickets out over time.

The cost of the tickets is the same as the cost of a retail purchased ticket - extra fees are added to the tickets by the retailer Eventbrite to recover the cost of operating the platform, processing credit cards and other associated fees.  These costs go on top of all tickets, so whether you're purchasing in advance or purchasing at the door, those fees will apply.  Those fees are not retained by Crickets Comedy Club and thus are not advertised in our ticket price because - just as taxes on any other item, it's not indicative of our portion of revenue.

If you purchase your tickets with cash they are not subject to those fees as they do not need to be processed by Eventbrite.  It is still cheaper to purchase an online ticket with fees in advance than a door ticket with cash.